Lord Strategic Partners (LSP) is a premier global agency uniquely qualified to provide focused, results-driven business consulting services to leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industries. Unlike other firms whose associates have never lived or worked on the corporate side, our partners have years of front line experience dealing with, and resolving, the real issues and challenges that face corporate executives every day. This insight – coupled with the objectivity that our on-going industry research and competitive intelligence enables – empowers us to provide our clients with practical, real world, solutions.





We do our homework. Our recommendations and solutions are informed by an intensive discovery process, in-depth market research, competitive intelligence and first-hand industry experience. We understand the value of listening, observation and investigation.

We start by thoroughly understanding our clients’ sales goals, marketplace challenges and internal barriers. This initial process helps us establish key process objectives and success benchmarks.

In a world driven by compressed time lines and an ever-changing regulatory environment, we help our clients establish a culture that anticipates, rather than reacts, to an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

With years of experience in the bio-medical industry, Lord Strategic Partners possess a deep understanding of the challenges that our clients face every day. This knowledge enables us to develop pragmatic solutions that address real world issues in a highly effective manner.